Sharing tears of joy with friends just because you are so happy.. what a wonderful experience.


All I can say is “WOW!” Your studio is gorgeous – the colors soothing – the decor spectacular – the atmosphere . . . just perfect! I’ve been listening to you both explain how it was going to be – but nothing can compare with what you’ve done! Your dream has been realized . . . one hundred fold. I am so honored & proud to have been a part of your heart flow this morning – the emotion in the room was palatable – the love emanating from all was overwhelming – and my friends & my “friends-to-be” were united as one!


Thank you for the invitation to your class this morning- there are almost no words to describe how today felt in your most beautiful studio . Your heart felt emotion was so pure and real, your hearts spilling over definitely touched mine. And I have to say your room was filled with some of the most absolutely incredible people that I am so Blessed to have as friends. Thank you for today and congratulations to you both.


Congratulations to Susan and Peter for incredible perseverance, creativity and love in the creation of the peaceful, gorgeous, loving space that is P.S. Yoga. Thank you for your dedication, vision and hard work and for inviting me to be a part of your first of many, heart opening flows. It was perfect and epic!