Yoga Etiquette

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 By following a few sensible guidelines, everyones experience will be enhanced. Thank you for your cooperation!
-Please turn off your mobile phone before entering the studio. This simple act will help ensure that P. S. Yoga Studios remains a place of tranquility,  free of distraction. We ask that phones be turned off, and not just silenced. Believe it or not, one person texting can be a source of distraction for  several students in close proximity.

– Please keep conversations to a minimum while in the studio area. Your peers will be greatly appreciative. P. S. Yoga Studios offers some respite   from an often over-stimulating world. By lowering our voices, we together can help create a peaceful environment for all.

– Please try to avoid wearing strongly-scented lotions or perfumes.

– Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes early to unroll your mat and settle in. – If arriving late, please wait to enter the studio area until after the
opening centering.

– Try not to eat up to two hours before your class, to avoid an upset stomach.

– Please Remove your shoes before entering the studio.