Lisa Young


Lisa Young

In 2010, I began my yoga journey after sustaining injuries from a rear end collision. At the time, I had a passion for long distance running but that was quickly put on hold.

For several months after the accident I sought chiropractic treatment as well as therapeutic massage to alleviate my symptoms. However, the treatments only proved to be a band-aid. I needed something more. I was suffering severe whiplash with a constant nagging pain in my neck and right shoulder.

I finally got up the courage to seek “alternative” treatment and made my way to my very first yoga class. The first few tries were painful and a little discouraging. I could barely touch my toes and all around me I saw bodies moving with such grace and ease. Despite my limitations at the time, I didn’t give up. I found the classes to be so inspiring and energizing, yet calming. My mind was quickly reaping the benefits without realizing the healing that it was doing for my body.

Through consistent practice I was harnessing strength that would take place of the aches and pains. Poses that once seemed impossible became effortless. I was hooked -sometimes even going to 2 classes a day! Within 6 months of taking up a full time practice, one of my teachers suggested I look into ashtanga. Through this style Vinyasa I was able to cultivate a strong foundation to further enhance my practice.

In 2012, I completed my 200-hour teacher training under the guidance of ashtanga-based Vinyasa teacher, Julie Boyd, and Sanskrit scholar, Cheryl Oliver of Scottsdale, AZ. Since then, I have committed myself to teaching weekly classes, both public and private.

Because I have limitations regarding my personal practice and within my own body, I approach my classes with compassion and a sense of humor so that my students find ease on their mat and are able to discover what works best for their needs.